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“This isn’t your bike shop fit.”

At THC we employ dynamic cycling analysis which simply stated measures you, on your bike, as you are. Our thorough flexibility and physical structural assessments insure that you are getting the best possible product based on how you’re built and how you ride. Each session is tailored to the individual based on their history, goals and physical limitations utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies. THC is the most trusted referral source for injury prevention and rehab in the region with more medical professional referrals above all others. Our “non-sales” approach is designed to provide clients complete control of their ride through a perfectly fit bike.

We’re proud to be the only full-time fit studio to offer online scheduling, published pricing, and live pressure mapping technology.  This isn’t your bike shop fit. This is the blending of art and science to create a seamless interface between bike and rider while providing the best balance of comfort, power and injury prevention for any cyclist or triathlete.  Glad you found us.