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Cycling Demands Core Strength and Flexibility

Regardless of your individual goals or where you fall on the competitive barometer, having an off-the-bike strength training regimen to improve your overall core stability is critical. Better levels of stretching, strength and focus on muscular health with small substitutions in the right format will add up quickly and while a professional bike fit can alleviate and correct for several issues, many must to be solved off-the-bike.

We’d like to introduce our newest project.

Unlike traditional mat Pilates, Citizen Pilates’ reformer machines provide athletes added resistance allowing those with limited range of motion or injuries to safely perform low-impact, core stabilizing exercises in a time efficient package.  Our new location opened in the Heights July 2015 and offers the same services you’ve come to respect at THC – online scheduling, published pricing and state of the art equipment in a dedicated environment.

Here’s the link.Citizen Pilates' new reformer machines offer cyclists and triathletes a low impact, core and strength training supplement.