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9 Rules (You Should) Follow for #IMKona Underpants Run

1. Any version of white “mommy underwear” (also known as tighty whities, y-fronts, briefs, etc.) is permitted. Good sources include Duofold’s performance briefs made with Coolmax Alta or any variety of cotton three-packs available at Wal-Mart and other fine stores.UPR

2. No boxers, long underwear, or stylish Euro-bikini briefs permitted.

3. Route must be completed by running, walking, or crawling. Heart rate monitors, black or argyle socks, bad hats, and earrings are optional.

4. While this event is considered a “moderately paced parade” rather than a “race”, pacing strategies are up to the participant.

5. No awards will be presented.

6. No aid stations will be provided.

7. Other rules to be decided as issues arise.

8. Rules committee (Tim Morris, Slice, Huddle, and Roch Frey) reserve the right to make things up as they go along.

9. All are welcome regardless of age, species (dogs welcome), gender, race, religious beliefs and/or nationality.


(Photo: Jeff Clark Photography)