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3 Things to Never Ask Someone That Just Had Their Bike Stolen

by Jess Hughes There is no off-season for bicycle thievery and this month has been no exception.  Reading about the good folks at Cascade Bicycle Studio in Seattle and their 32 stolen bikes crushed my spirit. Their Facebook post announcing the enormous loss was a tear jerker.  Closer to home, a client of ours cancelled his appointment after realizing his bike had been taken from his garage the night before.  The notion that he had the mental clarity to call and cancel...

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I Almost Hit a Cyclist This Morning. Here’s What Happened.

by Jess Hughes I’m driving west on San Felipe in the right lane. Cars ahead were darting out of the right lane in a hurried manner. I slowed down as the car directly in front of me slammed on its brakes. They changed lanes and there was the cyclist traveling at approximately 13 mph into the sun with no idea what was happening behind him. I wondered why he chose to ride in traffic instead of the sidewalk but hey, I do it all the time. We all do, so I gave him the benefit of...

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The Cans and Cannots: Why Incorporating Pressure Analysis is No Longer Optional

by Tad Hughes For years fitters have heavily relied on optical systems and angle based algorithms to come up with integration solutions between bike and rider. The more asymmetric the client, the more expertise required of the fitter. As MRI’s revolutionized the medical field, the addition of pressure analysis in cycling and triathlon gave way to contact point visibility while giving crucial feedback that was previously unavailable. Instead of asking clients,...

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