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Ultimate THC Bike Fit

90 Minute Service 30 – Day Warranty Custom Footbeds Live Saddle Pressure Mapping Leg Length Discrepancy Analysis Q Angle & Pedal Stance Analysis Rider Interview Structural & Flexibility Assessment Cleat/Shoe Alignment Handlebar Positioning Fit...

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Ultimate Upgrade

Add Custom Footbeds to Your Size Bike Appointment Increase Power & Comfort Reduce Stress Injuries $79 for each add’l pair

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9 Rules (You Should) Follow for #IMKona Underpants Run

1. Any version of white “mommy underwear” (also known as tighty whities, y-fronts, briefs, etc.) is permitted. Good sources include Duofold’s performance briefs made with Coolmax Alta or any variety of cotton three-packs available at Wal-Mart and other fine stores. 2. No boxers, long underwear, or stylish Euro-bikini briefs permitted. 3. Route must be completed by running, walking, or crawling. Heart rate monitors, black or argyle socks, bad hats, and earrings are...

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Augusta 70.3 Race Report

by Alex Baron 10/4/2013 Augusta is a fast course. Lets begin right there. The swim is downstream and weather is generally favorable. Bike has some decent hills (over 1,000 feet in elevation over the course) and is quite technical. Run is a flat 2 loops through the town. All this being the case, this does not make the course easy. The result of this is that everyone goes fast. There are no breaks. No points where you can take it easy. All you can do is hammer the entire time....

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Personal Enhancement Team: 5 People You Need to Know

Regardless of your individual goals or where you fall on the competitive barometer having an off-the-bike network to improve your overall health, comfort or injury recovery is critical. To better understand the theory behind this I ask that you think of your body and flexibility as a traditional window blind. The strings holding it together represent your muscle tension, the frame your skeleton and the horizontal slats your pelvis. If you pull the strings evenly the blind...

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